Light up your Yin Yoga practise with a bit of inner Magick

Yin Magick is about cultivating everyday magick through slowing down to integrate direct experience.

Often when we dream about change, it is about wanting to feel different. Only by meeting ourselves where we are can we rewrite the story of who we are. To drop down through the layers takes time and surrender.

It’s not necessarily about big feelings or feeling powerful. It’s about becoming soft and spacious. Letting life move through you and to you. And knowing that our power comes from our ability to tune in and listen.

To listen to our own energy deeply with compassion and respect.
To listen to the subtle and dynamic shifts.
To find balance through presence and observation.
To know when to stay…
And when to release.

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My name is Liezl. I’m a yoga teacher as well as an all round curious creative explorer and educator. I’m passionate about helping people uncover their potential and innate resilience through breath, movement, mindfulness and a little magick. I love learning about and sharing the wisdom that resides in each of us. From the sublime science of how our bodies work to the subtle embodiment of mind & heart and how it all comes together.

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3 Creative Yin Yoga sequences to deepen and enrich your practice

The slow pace of Yin Yoga lends itself to mindfulness and getting in touch with the subtle currents of mind and heart. As the body unfolds, new worlds wait to be discovered within. Use them as is or feel free to add your own wisdom. The most important thing is to make it your own. Join Liezl on this inner discovery journey to complement your Yin Yoga practise

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