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The Magic of Yoga Nidra

Free 6-Day Online Course

Yoga Nidra is more than a practice or a guided relaxation, it is a state of being that transcends the conscious mind. It frees the knots of the subconscious mind and allows us to rest in our highest potential.

In a world that always expects us to DO MORE, it is the much needed antidote for us to simply BE MORE.

In this FREE course you will learn the foundational skills that let us tap into our inner wealth and cultivate more joy everyday.

  • Receive five short daily 10-15 minute practices that you are welcome to download and practice whenever
  • Track your transformation with a printable practice journal
  • Become acquainted with the practice itself and how it works
  • On the last day receive a full length 30 min practice to go deeper


We are the creators of our own stories. 

We have the power to bring clarity, compassion & reverence to our experiences.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.


My name is Liezl. I have practicing and sharing yoga for over a decade. I am curious creative person though and this has led to me to explore many other modalities that I weave into what I do. I’m passionate about helping people uncover their potential and innate resilience through breath, movement, mindfulness and a little magick. I love learning about the wisdom that resides in each of us and creating space to share to it. From the sublime science of how our bodies work to the subtle embodiment of mind & heart and how it all comes together.

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3 Creative Yin Yoga sequences to deepen and enrich your practice

The slow pace of Yin Yoga lends itself to mindfulness and getting in touch with the subtle currents of mind and heart. As the body unfolds, new worlds wait to be discovered within. Use them as is or feel free to add your own wisdom. The most important thing is to make it your own. Join Liezl on this inner discovery journey to complement your Yin Yoga practise

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